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Android OS invades a variety of devices.

posted by DonDula @ 1:00 AM
January 4, 2009
Android OS invades a variety of devices.

Google’s mobile OS “Android” has been making appearances on quite a few devices lately. So far in the US the only official Android device that has been released is the T-mobile G1. Since the G1’s debut, quite a few people have been porting the OS to work on several other platforms. Being the OS is open source and has the ability to run on pretty much anything that can already run linux, I’m sure we will start to see a ton of dual booting devices in the near future. I’ve compiled a small list of current devices that have been able to boot the Android software successfully. With the latest news, it seems Android is not just limited to cellular devices but has been made to work on full fledged pc hardware as well. I know I’ll be crossing my fingers for an Android / iPhone dual boot package.
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Dual Boot Linux on your Iphone

posted by DonDula @ 19:38 PM
November 30, 2008
Dual Boot Linux on your Iphone

Well it seems the iPhone Dev Team has done it again. A member by the name of planetbeing was able to reverse engineer enough of Apple’s hardware drivers to get a port of linux running on the iPhone and first gen Ipod touches. This first attempt however is very limited in function. So far, only drivers for the framebuffer (which controls video), serial communication and some basic interrupts (like the clock) have been included. No touch screen drives have been included in this release, so commands are entered via a desktop computer using a USB communication client. A custom bootloader was also written which lets you choose which OS to boot once the phone is powered on. While this release is still in early form, the success of this project opens up many new possibilities for this platform. One exciting thing people were talking about was one day being able to load google’s new open source OS “Android” on to the iPhone and being able to dual boot between those. Having Android running on Apple hardware would make for an interesting combination. Once NAND write access, baseband, wifi, and sound drivers are released, things will really start to heat up. The official announcement and project blog can be found at

UPDATED: It seems the iPhone Linux Team has made enough progress to successfully load an older version of Debian Linux on to the iPhone. It shouldn’t be too much longer before we have a true dual booting iPhone with two different OS’s.
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Fun with TI Graphing Calculators.

posted by DonDula @ 23:30 PM
October 18, 2008
Fun with TI Graphing Calculators.

Here’s some info for anyone who wants to add a little more fun and functionality to their boring old TI graphing calculator. Calculators have come a long way over the years and aren’t just used for crunching numbers anymore. Almost every high school math class requires you to purchase one of these expensive graphing devices, that you will probably only use for only a couple of years. It would be nice to get more use out of a device that costs roughly the same amount as a handheld gaming system. What a lot of people don’t know is that there are many more ways to use one of these powerful devices, aside from them helping you fail geometry.
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Make your own $349 macbook. (AKA the hackbook)

posted by DonDula @ 2:21 AM
October 7, 2008
Make your own $349 macbook.  (AKA the hackbook)

.A recent impulse buy of mine was an Acer Aspire One net book. A tiny but powerful sub notebook that features an 8.9in screen and the new Intel atom processor. Models start at $329, which run Linux, have 512mb of ram and a 8Gb solid state hard drive. For just $20 more you can get the model that runs Windows XP Home, 1Gb of ram and a 120Gb hard drive. For $349 the computer was just too enticing to pass up. Weighing in right around 2 pounds and being only 9in in length, the Aspire One is the perfect and affordable solution for people on the go.
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Make your iPhone UI look like Windows Vista.

posted by DonDula @ 2:17 AM
September 29, 2008
Make your iPhone UI look like Windows Vista.

In my opinion, one of Apple’s greatest strengths is the thought and time that goes in to the design process of their products. From hardware to packaging, Apple’s designs are clean, sleek and easy to use. The iPhone is no exception, it is a simple and straight forward device to use. Everything in the iPhone is laid out in an easy to navigate user interface. However, what Apple forgot to do was to include ways of applying any sort of personalization to the phone. Let’s say I’m sick of looking at an all black background behind my icons, and would like to spice it up with some custom wallpapers. Or I could be bored with the simplistic look of my icons in general and would like to apply a different theme to them. There should be an easy way to change these elements to give my device a more personalized touch.
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How to make an Apple II computer fit on your wrist.

posted by DonDula @ 22:58 PM
September 22, 2008
How to make an Apple II computer fit on your wrist.

About a year ago I came across an interesting article in Make Magazine about a guy who took his Fossil Wrist PDA and installed an Apple II emulator on it. He was able to load many of the Apple II software titles and run them at regular speed. The thought of having a fully functioning Apple computer on my wrist excited me enough to give it a try.
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Guide: How to load Windows 95 on your PSP

posted by admin @ 20:42 PM
September 20, 2008
Guide: How to load Windows 95 on your PSP

…..Here is an interesting little trick to get Windows 95 running on your PSP. This is totally for novelty purpose’s though being it runs way too slow to actually be functional.
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Guide: How to and benefits of Jailbreaking your Iphone 3G

posted by admin @ 17:43 PM
September 19, 2008
Guide: How to and benefits of Jailbreaking your Iphone 3G

So you just got a shiny new iPhone 3G and are now feeling kind of bummed about all the basic features and functionality that are missing in it (i.e. video capture, mms, a cut and paste feature, different themes, I could keep going). Well you could turn to the app store and download some extra programs, the only problem with that being the major restrictions that apple put on developers and how deep they could go with implementing features. You could keep waiting till Apple finally gets their crap together, and releases these features on their own, or you could go ahead and do what’s called jailbreaking your iPhone.
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