Two Homemade Classic Arcade Game Watches.

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December 19, 2008

Modder John Maushammer, who was best known for his creation of the Pong watch, has added another amazing time piece to his collection.  This time around he has chosen the Atari classic Asteroids for his inspiration.  While the Pong watch was great to see in all its geek glory, the actual game was not playable.  The display would just run a constant animation of a game being played while the time was kept by the score above.  Maushammer programmed the watch to keep time by having the right side score a point each minute and the left side score each hour, thus having the score be the current time.  For his latest creation Maushammer decided to add support for an accelerometer to let the wearer control the movement of the ship by a tilt of the wrist.  Now if only an idea like this could be put in to mass production.

Below are videos of the Asteroids and Pong watches in action.

A few years back Fossil released their own classic arcade game watches. Centipede, Arkanoid and Asteroides versions were offered which played on the same idea as John’s Pong watch.  None of the games were actually playable but they displayed animated game play on the face of the watch.

Here are some old game watches from my youth, I’m sure these ideas by now could be updated to even fit full SNES functionality on your wrist.




3 Responses to “Two Homemade Classic Arcade Game Watches.”

  1. nathan Says:

    Where can i get one of these??????

  2. nathan Says:

    Hey Don i really like this article nice job!

  3. DonDula Says:

    Thanks Nate I can always count on you. You can’t buy the homemade watches, but you can get the other ones on ebay probably. Just search for game watch.

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