posted by Don Dula @ 16:46 PM
September 14, 2008

Disclaimer: Modthis.com is not responsible for any damage caused to your devices due to any information found on this site.  Please use this knowledge at your own risk.


Modthis.com is an internet blog and forum for discussing gadget mods, hacks and other homebrew projects.  This site will try to compile a cohesive list of the many popular gadget DIY projects available.  We will offer some easy to follow guides, and links to information resources so even the beginner modder can feel comfortable.  Hopefully the site can grow in to a useful information haven for discussing and gathering information that will push your gadgets to their limits, as well as having stuff to show off to your friends.  I know I get excited at the thought of my gadget doing something it was not meant for and that a lot of other people probably won’t have, so hopefully we can spread those feelings to others as well.  Also this is my first attempt at a web project, so if it sucks for a while, please bare with me.


Thanks and have fun!